Each project is unique

Each project designs and manufactures in a unique way (large areas, shops, pharmacies, ...), giving a complete solution throughout the process, from the support to the design in the technical office, the control of manufacturing, to the assembly of furniture on site. Every detail of the process is important to successfully develop each project.

Technical Office

We offer continuous counselling, aligned to the project objectives without the need for specialized external support.


All the processes are made on our own , from the mechanization of wood, metal or die-making to the finish of the product.


The product receives the packaging and protection that each of the element needs, passing to its storage and subsequent distribution.


Solutions for all needs with total guarantees of quality and delivery according to the established deadlines.

Technical Office

The technical office formed by furniture technicians and specialized personnel is a differential value of Intradema.
Through the Technical Office, the client is offered ongoing advice, aligned to the project's objectives without the need for specialized external support.
The different areas of the project are coordinated, covering the needs of the project at all times, which allows obtaining cost savings in the management of any project.


With a manufacturing plant that has more than 6000 square meters, located in one of the most important industrial estates of Zaragoza, Intradema has a modern and computerized high technology machinery and whose versatility allows to adapt each project in a unique way, thus guaranteeing the quality, competitiveness and satisfaction of all its customers.
In addition, it is established as Official KRION Workshop, a new generation of solid surfaces developed by the Porcelanosa Group.